Galexxy, LLC

Go Boldly – Wellness Unlocked - Real-Time Technology

Galexxy, LLC is an exciting new Direct Sales Marketing Company integrating two firsts for the industry:

1). A full line of uniquely formulated functional mushroom and adaptogen products. 

  • Galexxy’s exclusive 100-Day Triple Extraction
  • 4x the nutrient benefit over others
  • Products, formulations, and delivery unique to Galexxy, LLC

2). A new technology stack software delivering ‘real-time’ payment information, fast pay solutions, compensation management, and real-time reporting to scale and manage distributors’ businesses in ‘real-time’. 

  • Real-Time Backoffice reports and payment information on entire business and individuals within a Leader’s Organization
  • An integrated App that empowers leaders and engages customers. Send samples to friends, communicate with your team instantly.


The joint venture was signed on August 9th, 2023 between Galexxy Holdings, Inc and Pillars International with a targeted leader access in the 4th quarter and a “Pre-Launch” to sale distributors in late January. 

“We’re enthused to establish a new high-quality brand and revolutionary payment and billing system by joining forces with Pillars International,” said Michael Biagi, CEO of Galexxy Holdings, Inc.

“We were fortunate to connect with the Galexxy Holdings team and collaborate on a unique new business opportunity for our direct sales industry,” said John Winterholler, Co-founder of Pillars International. 

Galexxy Holdings, Inc will leverage the Wellbeing Farms relationships, 100-Day scientific extraction process, and manufacturing capabilities to deliver one-of-a-kind products to the new entity. Mark Askey, COO of Galexxy Holdings is the Managing Partner of the company. Dan Gay, the CMO of Galexxy Holdings, is providing the marketing expertise in the joint venture. Leonard Cooke and John Winterholler are the exceptionally experienced co-partners who have deep executive leadership in the Direct Selling Sector.

PILLARS INTERNATIONAL was founded by Leonard Cooke and John Winterholler, both veterans in the direct sales marketing vertical. Both executives have led world-class software solutions in support of all sizes, and levels of maturity, of direct-selling organizations.

Leonard Cooke

Principal Architect at PILLARS International

The most up-to-date and modern technology stack in the direct selling industry. He was also the Principal Architect at DirectScale, having provided world-class software solutions in support of all sizes, and levels of maturity, of direct selling organizations. Leonard is in high demand for his software design, engineering, and IT prowess in creating unique compensation systems and beneficial delivery solutions for the direct selling industry globally. Leonard’s latest iteration marks a first for the industry to deliver calculations and payments ‘on demand’, instant pay solutions, compensation management, and reporting.

John Winterholler

John has an impressive background with executive posts in both public and private companies including Goldman Sachs, American Express, US Bancorp, Ceridian, MAX International, Exigo/DirectScale. John has also served as the CEO of Speaking Roses Int’l., White Box Technology, Syntek Global (where he was also the Founder), and he is one of the Principals and Founders of Strategic Leadership Partners, an international management consulting firm.

John has been a force in the international direct sales vertical developing compensation and full-stack software solutions connecting companies with their field members & leaders. He has extensive experience working with dozens of companies to achieve growth and profitability. John’s list of key relationships in the industry brings enormous credibility to GALLEXY.

The PILLARS software platform is a hallmark foundation of the new GALEXXY business model.

The joint venture already has brought in key leaders from the industry, key partnerships, and key vendors integrating the full solutions that will propel the entity quickly.