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  1. Functional Mushrooms: Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years because of their rich nutritional and healing properties, but their real power hasn’t been available—until now! Galexxy has harnessed the power and perfected the science of amazing functional mushrooms with new adaptogen blends to bring you deeper and more rejuvenating REM sleep, reduce aches and pains, boost your immune system, and get more focused, energized, or calmer, whichever you need when you need it. These Galexxy plant-based products come in gummies and glycerite drops. The triple-extraction process, which takes a time-consuming 100 days, is just one of the many differentiators that catapult Galexxy ahead in this huge new growth industry!

2. The Technology Three:

      • Our real-time payment technology cuts out the painful monthly waiting period so you get paid when you make the sale!
      • Our award-winning Galexxy Connect app empowers you to manage your entire business from your phone!
      • Our exciting Founders Program includes a blockchain-based digital asset and wallet that will move you—and the entire industry—into a new Galexxy!


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Dates to Remember!

December 2023Initial Release to Internal Leaders*
January 25, 2024Pre-Launch
April 25, 2024In-Person Launch Event