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Adaptin, LLC – Galexxy Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of a new company, Adaptin, LLC (“Adaptin”). Adaptin was co-founded by industry leaders and growth executives Tyler Whitehead and Elizabeth Thibaudeau. The new company has aggressive plans to become a global leader in the rapidly growing functional mushroom and adaptogen market, valued at USD $32B globally in 2023, and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% through 2030. Global wellness is expanding from $5.6 trillion to a predicted $13 trillion market. In connection with the formation of Adaptin, the Company has made the strategic decision to dissolve Galexxy, LLC. (Read additional details about Adaptin below).

Wellbeing Farms – The Company acquired Wellbeing Farms LLC (WBF), a Functional Mushroom health supplements production and sales company in 2023. WBF manufactures a diverse range of products dedicated to the ethical and verifiable highest manufacturing and sales standards. Wellbeing Farms’ mission is to improve the quality of life and mental well-being in each one of us. This is especially important in the veteran community and helps to support Veterans who can benefit from WBF’s unique range of products and delivery systems.

VendGenie – Galexxy Holdings owns 100% of VendGenie, a Smart Kiosk company that supports age verification products in the U.S. marketplace. VendGenie developed a patent-pending app that creates a 24×7 business in a box for vending units and for businesses that would be otherwise restricted to verification and sale through human interaction. 

If you have a product that brings a unique approach to health and wellness, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@galexxyholdings.com or call 949-418-7450 to begin a conversation.


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Meet the Leaders

Michael Biagi


Mr. Biagi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wellbeing Farms LLC, which was acquired by Galexxy Holdings Inc. in July 2022. In his role as CEO, he was also responsible for the creation, development and production of a range functional mushroom products which are planned for international distribution and sale. Mr. Biagi has proven a track record as a tactical and strategic thinker, contract negotiator, leader, and has successfully managed large, multi-site regions with a high level of financial acumen.

In 1992 Mr. Biagi graduated from the prestigious Royal Military College of Australia, Duntroon and served the Australian Army for 11 years as an Officer in the Royal Australian Ordinance Corp. Mr. Biagi received two service commendations for his ability to drive change and innovation and completed a Post Graduate in Logistics Management. Following Mr. Biagi’s distinguished military career, he has held numerous General Management appointments within the Defence, steel and mining industries for Australia’s top 50 ASX listed companies.

Tyler Whitehead

CEO, Adaptin

Tyler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Adaptin, a premium plant-based consumer products company. Tyler has spent over 20 years as a leading executive in healthy living endeavors, including personal care, nutritional, and dietary supplement verticals. Tyler will be joining the board of Galexxy Holdings. Tyler’s M&A and legal background combined with his global expansion experience offer an exceptional background to help lead as a new board member.

Tyler has led transformational change as the Founder and CEO of Enkrateia Strategies to bringing proprietary strategies to bear on some of the complex problems in hybrid business models. As the CEO of Arbonne, he led digital and global expansion building a new experiential economy-based business. At Nu Skin, a NYSE power in the direct selling space, Tyler served in leadership roles as President for Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. overseeing strategic global projects and sales and operations, as well as sales and operations roles as Vice-President & General Counsel. Tyler has been an active board member in industry-leading associations, he is a frequent speaker, author, and podcaster. Whitehead received his Juris Doctorate from Willamette University.

Dan Gay


Dan Gay is the CMO of Galexxy Holdings, Inc. Dan has accepted the CMO responsibility at Adaptin, reporting to Tyler Whitehead, to apply his startup and growth experience in building a new business, new brand, and scale marketing. Dan has grown businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 Executive posts in Telecom, Natural Products, and Blockchain Technologies. His experience in strategic development to marketing execution provides a wealth of experience. His background in managing large sales forces, opening new divisions, creating new brands, digital marketing, product growth, and numerous CMO posts provides the leadership and a unique ability to be a fractional CMO of numerous business units to expand individual growth for the company.

Rachel Fyffe

VP of Communications

Ms. Fyffe has worked throughout the RxMM Health Group organization in a variety of communication, management, and investor relations roles. In 2022 she accepted a full time position as VP of Communications with Galexxy Holdings, Inc. In her role, she manages communications within the company, supports and leads marketing initiatives as well as builds and nurtures investor relationships. Prior to that Rachel has a background in business development, marketing, and communications. For over 20 years she built and was President of a full-service production agency, working with Fortune 500 clients across every business vertical from medical device, pharmaceutical, technology, consumer products, and retail. She led sales within the company managing productions, client relations and expectations as well as a creative team of 2D/3D artists, editors, and executive producers. Rachel is a creative leader who excels in developing strong client and partnership relationships.


Wellbeing Farms

Rooted in Nature. Fueled by Science.

Wellbeing Farms specializes in producing and marketing the highest quality scientifically formulated Functional Mushroom and Adaptogen health products. This is achieved through sourcing wild mushrooms and partner family farmers. Product potency and efficacy are unlocked by a unique 100-day, triple extraction process.

Founded by a very clear ‘Why’ we exist – ‘Your Wellbeing is at the CORE of what we do’. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products for your physical and mental health. Products include Energy, Focus, Wellbeing, Calm, Sleep, Immunity and Pain Relief.


Adaptin is led by Tyler Whitehead, an impressive industry executive (see Tyler above). Elizabeth Thibaudeau is a Co-Founder who has been a sought-after executive with a gifted marketing mind who has served as the global Chief Marketing Officer of Nu Skin, an interim CMO of the Pampered Chef, CEO of Jamberry, and other prestigious leadership roles. 

Adaptin is a premium plant-based consumer products company empowering individuals to Meet the Moment in a chaotic and stressful world.  Adaptin will become the leading Adaptogen consumer-centric company bringing mushrooms from the dark and into the light. 

Adaptin’s Mission is to grow to 1 million customers by 2026 offering our attraction success model giving customers, creators, and shareholders opportunities to be present and contribute to value creation while experiencing their journey to meet their best moments. 

Pillars International is a co-founder, led by John Winterholler, providing a new technology stack software delivering ‘real-time’ payment information, compensation management, and reporting to scale and manage an ambassador’s businesses ‘real-time’.

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Vending machines just got smarter. Our technology solution for age verification products provides a 24×7 access to offer convenience for everyone. A simple ID reader and camera activated facial recognition verifies purchaser. Download the app to use a QR code to buy products anytime. 

VendGenie dispensing units come in 3 different sizes. Each unit has a video screen for showing videos through an API connection to manage videos and advertising. Real-time remote monitoring to manage inventory. Now expanding product sales without spending money on a retail location, or expands a retail locations hours to always open.